Harvest Festival 2017

Harvest Festival 2017

Thank you, everyone, for your amazing support with Harvest Festival donations.
This year, St Petrock’s and Exeter Foodbank are sending this joint flyer to help coordinate resources and ensure that your harvest gifts reach local people where they are most needed.
Please use the lists of ‘needed items’ for each charity given below to gauge how you can best support them this harvest. Every item will be used to support a local person in need – and will be greatly appreciated!

Printable version available here.


Exeter Foodbank provides emergency parcels of non-perishable food to local people in crisis via a voucher-referral scheme.
In 2016/17, we supplied 3 days’ worth of food to 5,178 people from a wide range of backgrounds (of whom 1,615 were children).

UHT/Longlife Milk—1L, semi-skimmed
Tinned vegetables
Instant coffee
Sponge puddings
Pasta sauce
Tinned meat
Tinned fruit
Tinned rice pudding
Noodle/pasta snacks
Longlife fruit juice—1L
Tinned fish
Tinned potatoes
Tinned custards
Jams & spreads
Squashes & cordials

Please contact Mark Richardson, Foodbank Manager on 07818 226524 / info@exeterfoodbank.org.uk if you would like a talk about the work of the Foodbank, or to arrange a collection.

To aid transportation (and save our volunteers’ backs) please place items in carrier bags or small boxes prior to collection.

Please note that, unfortunately, neither Exeter Foodbank nor St Petrock’s are able to accept any fresh produce.

If you wish to donate perishable items, please contact the following organisations:
Apples (individuals): Kenniford Farm 01392 875938
Apples (orchards): Darts Farm 01392 878200
Any other fresh fruit/veg/chilled items: Exeter Food Action exeterfoodaction@gmail.com 07880 814064

Thank you for your understanding & support!

St Petrock’s
provides a range of emergency, advice & support services to aid local people who are homeless or vulnerably housed.

In 2016/17, our centre kitchen served around 10,000 cooked breakfasts & lunches to people without a home. Can you help us continue this vital service by donating any of the following items?

Tinned items:
Baked beans
Macaroni Cheese
Tinned tomatoes
Tinned vegetables;
(peas, carrots, potatoes, sweetcorn)
Tinned fruits
Rice pudding
Tinned custard
Condensed milk
Evaporated milk
Corned beef
Tinned ham
Tinned meats – steak/mince
Fray Bento’s meat pies
Tinned fish – tuna

Packaged Items:
Sugar – granulated/castor
Instant Coffee
Hot Chocolate
Cup a Soups
Longlife fruit juices
Fruit squash
Stock cubes – beef/chicken/vegetable
Instant gravy mix
Mint/apple sauce
Stuffing mixes
Branston Pickle
Tomato ketchup
Brown sauce
Strawberry jam
Peanut butter
Pasta sauces
Custard powder
Biscuits (sweet)

Cleaning items:
Anti bac hand soap
Biological Washing powder
Hand sanitiser
Solid air freshners
Anti bac spray
Anit bac wipes
Rubber gloves M/L
Baby wipes
Pocket tissues
Tea towels

Wet/dry dog food
Dog treats

If you would like a talk about our work, or to arrange a collection, please contact Gill on gill@stpetrocks.org.uk / 01392 422396.
Registered charity no.: 1090155